Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC

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Aboriginal Child Protection Wallet Card

Lets Aboriginal parents know about their right to get legal advice if they're being investigated for a child protection matter

Are You Aboriginal? Do You Need Information About Your Legal Rights?

Provides an overview and preview of the Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC website

Do You Need Divorce, Child Support or Other Family Law Help?

Overview/promotion of the Family Law in BC website.

Emily's Choice poster

Poster to help share Emily's story about her experience with child protection.

Family Law in BC website bookmark

Introduction to/promotion of the Family Law in BC website.

How Can We Resolve Our Family Law Issues (poster)

A MyLawBC infographic poster that sets out information about how to resolve your family issues with or without going to court.

Legal Aid Can Help You

Explains what legal aid is, how to apply, and how it can help you

Legal Aid In BC website bookmark

This bookmark provides an overview of the Legal Services Society website.

Lost in the Legal Maze? (poster)

MyLawBC helps people solve common legal problems with separation, abuse and family violence, foreclosure, and wills and personal planning.

Lost in the Legal Maze? (wallet card)

Provides information about how MyLawBC.com helps people solve common legal problems.

Working with Your Legal Aid Lawyer

Fact sheet to help clients and lawyers know what to expect from a legal aid contract.