Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC

Is this site for you?

This website is for anyone who identifies as Aboriginal. This includes:

  • status and non-status Indians,
  • First Nations,
  • Inuit, and
  • Métis.

This website is also for people living on reserve and off reserve.

If the content on a certain page doesn't apply to all of these groups, we will let you know on that page.



Status and non-status Indians

A status Indian is someone who's registered as an Indian under the Indian Act.

A non-status Indian is someone of First Nations descent who isn't registered as an Indian under the Indian Act.


First Nations

Includes status and non-status Indians. It can also refer to a band or community.



Aboriginal people in northern Canada, who live in Nunavut, Northwest Territories, northern Québec, and northern Labrador.



People of mixed First Nations and European ancestry who identify themselves as Métis, as distinct from First Nations, Inuit, or non-Aboriginal people. The Métis have a unique culture that draws on their diverse ancestral origins.