Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC

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Clear Skies

A graphic novel about family violence and your legal rights

Coping with Separation Handbook

Explains the emotional stages of separating from your spouse and suggests ways you and your children can cope

For Your Protection

Explains how and when to apply for peace bonds and family law protection orders, and what the differences are between them

Leaving Abuse

A graphic novel about a young mother who leaves her abusive partner, and the steps she takes to get the support and legal aid she needs

Live Safe, End Abuse

Fact sheets about relationship abuse that explain what abuse is and where people who are being abused can get help

Living Together or Living Apart

Explains the basics of family law in BC, separation and divorce, and how to work out child and spousal support

Mothers Leaving Abusive Partners

Plain language guide to legal process and terms for women with or without children who've been abused by their intimate partner (such as a spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend)

Separation Agreements

Explains the law about fair division of family property or debt when spouses separate, and what to do if you believe your agreement might be unfair