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A Guide to Aboriginal Harvesting Rights

Explains harvesting rights and what to do if you've been charged with a harvesting offence

Aboriginal Child Protection Process (flow chart)

Provides an overview of the child protection process for Aboriginal families

Aboriginal Child Protection wallet card

Lets Aboriginal parents know about their right to get legal advice if they're being investigated for a child protection matter

Are You Aboriginal? Do You Need Information About Your Legal Rights?

Provides an overview and preview of the Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC website

Breach of a Court Order

Describes how to defend yourself if you're charged with breach of a court order

Estate Administration On-Reserve

Explains how to administer an estate on reserve

Estate Administration On-Reserve: Templates package

Contains sample forms and letters for administering an estate on reserve

Gladue Primer

No longer up-to-date; see Gladue Rights at Bail and Sentencing, Gladue Report Guide, Gladue Submission Guide, and Your Gladue Rights

Gladue Rights at Bail and Sentencing

Infographic poster shows when Gladue rights apply for Aboriginal peoples during the criminal court process

Gladue Submission Guide

Explains how to prepare an oral or written submission for a hearing

If You Have a No Contact Order Made Against You

Explains what it means when the court makes a no contact order against you

If You're Charged with a Crime

Outlines what happens when you're charged with a criminal offence

Income Assistance on Reserve in British Columbia

Explains income assistance on reserve, how to apply, and who can help


Describes how to defend yourself if you're charged with mischief

Possession of an Illegal Drug

Describes how to defend yourself if you're charged with possession of an illegal drug

Possession of Property Under $5,000 Obtained by Crime

Describes how to defend yourself if you're charged with possession of property under $5,000 obtained by crime

Representing Yourself in a Criminal Trial

Explains what happens when an accused person wants to plead not guilty to a summary offence

Separation Agreements

Explains the law about fair division of family property or debt when spouses separate, and what to do if you believe your agreement might be unfair

Speaking to the Judge Before You're Sentenced

Describes what a convicted person can say to the judge before the judge decides on a sentence

Theft Under $5,000

Describes how to defend yourself if you're charged with theft under $5,000

Understanding Aboriginal Child Protection/Removal Matters

Explains what Aboriginal parents can do during a child protection investigation

Understanding Child Protection Mediation for Aboriginal Families

Explains how a mediator can help you work with the ministry

Understanding Delegated Aboriginal Agencies

Explains what delegated Aboriginal agencies are and their potential role in child protection matters

Understanding the Extended Family Program

Explains how you can have your child stay with family or friends instead of going into foster care

What's First Nations Court?

Explains restorative justice at First Nations Court

Your Gladue Rights

Explains Gladue rights under the Criminal Code of Canada