Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC

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Aboriginal Child Protection Process (flow chart)

Provides an overview of the child protection process for Aboriginal families

Aboriginal Child Protection wallet card

Lets Aboriginal parents know about their right to get legal advice if they're being investigated for a child protection matter

Emily's Choice

A graphic novel about child protection and your legal rights.

If You Can't Get Legal Aid for Your Child Protection Case

How to get a court-appointed lawyer for a complicated child protection hearing if you can't get legal aid but can't afford a lawyer

If Your Child Is Taken

Explains about child protection law and what you can do if the ministry takes your child from your home

Parents' Rights, Kids' Rights

Explains what happens if the ministry has concerns about your child's safety or plans to remove your child from your home

Understanding Aboriginal Child Protection/Removal Matters

Explains what Aboriginal parents can do during a child protection investigation

Understanding Child Protection Mediation for Aboriginal Families

Explains how a mediator can help you work with the ministry

Understanding Court Orders and Hearings

Explains many of the court orders and hearings involved in child protection cases

Understanding Delegated Aboriginal Agencies

Explains what delegated Aboriginal agencies are and their potential role in child protection matters

Understanding the Extended Family Program

Explains how you can have your child stay with family or friends instead of going into foster care