COVID-19 and the legal system. Your questions answered.

Remote child support mediation

Remote child support mediation

Free mediation for child support issues

COVID-19 has changed many people's job situations. You might find yourself out of work or making less money and struggling to make ends meet. In remote communities, the places you go to get help may be closed or hard to reach.

To help with some of these issues, Legal Aid BC's new Remote Child Support Mediation connects parents with a free professional mediator who can help them. At least one parent needs to live in BC to apply for the service.

This service is available to parents who:

  • need to change a child support order or agreement because their income has been affected by COVID-19, or
  • have recently separated and need to make a child support agreement because they don't have one.*

Once you're connected with a mediator, you get up to 5 hours of free mediation. Mediators will work with you and the other parent to find a solution that you both agree to. Mediation is about working together. Many people find it less stressful and confrontational than going to court, and that can mean having a better relationship with the other parent for your child's sake.

Mediation will take place remotely (over the Internet, by phone, etc.), so you don't need to leave your community to get help. After the 5 hours of mediation, likely you'll have a new agreement, or you'll have made substantial progress and have referrals to other services that can help you complete your agreement. You can learn more about this service and other dispute resolution services available on MyLawBC.

* Since this service has limited resources, priority will be given to people of modest means whose income has been affected by COVID-19.