A Second Chance video credits

A Second Chance


Producer: Sean Muir

Director: Stephen Gladue

Audio engineer: Steve Bush, Sound Kitchen Studios

Sound effects courtesy of Freesound.org


Thomas: Ron Harris

Myra: Kim Harvey

Teen: Kim Harvey

Social worker: Rachel Colwell

Gran: Quelemia Sparrow

Duty counsel: Christian Ryan

Lawyer: Rachel Colwell

Chloe: Tai Grauman

Old guys: Ron Harris and Christian Ryan

Judge: Christian Ryan


Based on the comic book A Second Chance: A Gladue Rights Story

Writer: Conor Kerr

Illustrator: Ezra Claytan Daniels

Colourist: Sean Dove

Cover layout: Brandon Mitchell

Focus group short: Christian Ryan

Project lead & editor: Sean Muir

Legal reviewer: Raymond Phillips, QC

Development coordinator: Patricia Lim

Designer: Caitlan Kuo

Editor: Jennifer Hepburn

Publishers: Legal Services Society (Legal Aid BC) and Indigenous Story Studio (formerly Healthy Aboriginal Network)